About Us

Lubrita company was established in 1993 and it is owner of Lubrita International brands: Lubrita check oil level, Lubrita lubricants, Lubrita greases, Lubrita cleaners, Lubrita aerosols. Lubrita is an independent company that has been manufacturing and blending lubricants in Europe, with a production capacity of as high as 130.000 tons of finished lubricants a year. Lubrita International provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality automotive oils, industrial oils, lubricants and greases, manufactured for todays markets. The factory is located close to Rotterdam, the Netherlands with close proximity to the seaport, a large storage capacity of 17.000 tons for base oils and more than 60 storage tanks for finished products. It makes Lubrita an exceptionally attractive lubricant supplier in the global market. There are more than 500 lubricant formulations available for different requirements and applications. Lubrita open and efficient petroleum company, supporting many Distributors worldwide.