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Automatic Transmissions Oils

These fluids (ATFs) are used in the transmissions of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, off-road trucks, mobile equipment and in non-transmission applications, such as power steering, small hydraulic pumps and farm applications. For passenger cars and commercial vehicles, OEM demand longer drain intervals and fill-for-life capability. Automatic transmissions are changing in design from 5 to 6 speed and now even 7 or 8 speed capability, improving drive experience and performance. 

Why Lubrita‘s Transmission Oils?

To improve fuel economy, transmission components are lighter, despite increased engine horsepower. And new fuel-efficient transmissions exhibit higher torque and higher operating temperatures. All these factors pose severe demands on the ATF. New fuel-efficient transmission designs, such as the Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) and the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), are now entering the market. These new transmission designs are calling for different fluid technologies to meet increasing performance requirements.


• Its excellent in longer use, and therefore, reduce maintenance costs, minimize the possibility of failure, extend the life of machines and increased productivity.

• The versatility with thanks to the in service behavior, to reduce the number of lubricants in the plant, and therefore, reduce purchasing costs and intervals and reduce the possibility of error.

• Outstanding ability to withstand extreme pressure loads.

• High protection against rust and corrosion.

A Range of automatic transmissions fluids offered by Lubrita, to let you choose the best option for your car's transmission, saving you time and money.

Automatic Transmissions Oils SAE / ISO VG TDS
Lubrita Dexron IID GM Dexron IID Pdf
Lubrita Dexron IIIG GM Dexron IIIG-34198 Pdf
Lubrita Dexron SX-VI Dexron VI (MB 236.41) Pdf
Lubrita ATF 7G MB 236.91 / Honda ATF-Z1/ VAG G Pdf
Lubrita ATF SPR-JP Japanese cars OEMs ATF Pdf
Lubrita ATF Dexron III SP-JP Japanese cars GM Dexron IIIG Pdf
Lubrita ATF Ford Ford ATF (Ford M2C33-F/G) Pdf
Lubrita MCVTF CVT-Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid Pdf
Lubrita MDCTF DCTF-Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid Pdf
Lubrita PSF PSF-Power Steering Fluid (VW TL 52146; Peugeot S712710; Volvo STD 1273.36; MAN M3289) Pdf
Lubrita LHM PSA-Citroën, Peugeot (ISO 7308; PSA B71 2710) Pdf