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Natural Gas Engine Oils

Lubrita Gas Engine Oils
are designed to provide all the benefits of their diesel engine oil counterparts such as engine reliability and long life but with the added advantages of lower maintenance and less pollution. Owners of commercial and industrial facilities are finding that clean burning, natural gas direct-drive systems are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sound alternative to electric motors and diesel engines. Gas engines have lower operating costs than electric motors of the same output and are ideal for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Lubrita Natural Gas Engine Oils series provides benefits such as reduced piston deposits, resistance to oxidation and nitration, and increased wear protection, excellent filterability.

Lubrita Natural Gas Engine Oils helps and improve: oil drain intervals, reduces number of oil changes, creates less waste oil, lower operating costs, increase engine effectiveness, increased productivity. Same time control deposits in combustion chamber and pistons to maximize engine efficiency and reliability, control deposits in heat exchangers to maximize heat production, low oil volatility helps minimize engine and exhaust system deposits. Extend catalytic converter life and extend intervals between heat exchanger cleanings, reduce top fill oil additions and lubricant purchases, helps control wear on critical engine components and maximizes engine reliability and performance.

The natural gas engine oils tests and analysis, which should be considered part of a regularly scheduled predictive maintenance and condition-monitoring program for natural gas engines includes the following:
• Viscosity
• Base number
• Acid number
• Glycol contamination
• Water contamination
• Insolubles
• Spectrochemical analysis
• Nitration/oxidation

Each of these tests parameters -very important to keep Natural Gas Engines in perfect conditions!

Lubrita Natural Gas Engine Oils series:
Gas Engine Oil LA 40 - oil is suitable for the lubrication of four stroke gas engines, when gases are used with lower sulphur contents.
Gas Engine Oil MA 40- this gas engine oil is suitable to apply in four stroke gas engines for which lower acid neutralisation capacity is required. Oil can be applied when natural gas, biomass gas or sewing gas are used.
Gas Engine Oil HA - application of this motor oil contributes to a longer lifetime and decreased maintenance costs, because longer service fill times are possible. Due to its lower phosphate content a longer lifetime of the catalyst can be achieved.

Natural Gas Engine Oils SAE / ISO VG TDS
Lubrita Industrial Gas Engine Oil LA 40 Natural Gas Engine Oil Pdf
Lubrita Industrial Gas Engine Oil MA 40 Natural Gas Engine Oil Pdf
Lubrita Industrial Gas Engine Oil HA 40 Natural Gas Engine Oil Pdf