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Pneumatic Tool Oils

Lubrita Pneumo Lubricants especially developed to lubricate pneumatic tools and based on solvent refined base oils. This oil can be used in an air-piping or micro-fog lubricator of hammers, pile driver drills, grinders, pumps, hoists, clamps and vices.
Lubrita Pneumo Oils meets requirements for modern pneumatic tools operating under heavy pressure conditions. They contain additives, which form a hard protective oil layer on metal surfaces resisting the pressure of compressed air. Oil additives package also protect against corrosion and improve tools lubrication properties.

• Exceptional lifetime and anticorrosive properties
• Not damage the air feed hoses or other rubber components
• These oils do not leave viscous rubber deposits in equipment 

These oils can be used for pneumatic engines, pneumatic drills, pneumatic hammers, and drilling machines operating in the open air outside in the winter season as well. The oils is also suitable for air pressure systems, which are lubricated by oil vapour. Excelent lubrication of drills, hammers or other pneumatic tools operating under difficult conditions and the lubrication of pipelines when condensing water tries to wash the oil away from surfaces.
It is a high performance oil used for pneumatic tools operating with air, including stone drills for mines and surface operations. 

Lubrita Pneumo Arctic Bio Oil
This is the perfect lubricant especially developed to meet the lubrication requirements of pneumatic tools. This lubricant is based on an in water soluble synthetic lubricant. This lubricant can be used in air-hoses or micro-fog lubricators for lubrication of hammers, pile-drivers, drills, grinders, pumps, hoists, clamps and vices. This for the biggest part biological degradable lubricant will not mix with other mineral oils. With this product it is possible to work at very low temperatures, even at -25 °C, without freezing of the pneumatic system. > 90% biological degradable, for pneumatic tools in very cold temperatures, (-52 °C)


Pneumatic Tool Oils SAE / ISO VG TDS
Lubrita Pneumo Oil 10 ISO VG10 ISO 6743/11 P Pdf
Lubrita Pneumo Oil 32 ISO VG32 ISO 6743/11 P Pdf
Lubrita Pneumo Oil 46 ISO VG46 ISO 6743/11 P Pdf
Lubrita Pneumo Oil 68 ISO VG68 ISO 6743/11 P Pdf
Lubrita Pneumo Oil 100 ISO VG100 ISO 6743/11 P Pdf
Lubrita Pneumo Oil 320 ISO VG320 ISO 6743/11 P Pdf
Lubrita Pneumo Arctic Bio Oil Synthetic Biodegradable Pdf