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Refrigeration Compressor Oils

Classification of refrigeration oils according to DIN 51503 is alphabetic, in line with the refrigerants used in groups as:
-Refrigeration oils not miscible with ammonia mineral oils and/or synthetic oils - based on polyalphaolefins.
(PAO) or alkyl benzene (AB) or hydrogenated mineral oils. In most cases, highly-refined, naphthenic refrigeration oils are used for KAA products. Hydrogenated mineral oils and PAO get more and more important.
KAB -Refrigeration oils miscible with ammonia – generally polyalkylene glycol (PAG). The water content of fresh PAG lubricants used in ammonia applications should not exceed 350 ppm.
KB -Refrigeration oils for carbon dioxide (CO2) – synthetic polyol esters (POE), polyalkylene glycol (PAG) or polyalphaolefin (PAO). POE oils generally
offer good CO2 miscibility. PAG oils and CO2 only allow limited miscibility (larger miscibility gap with CO2). Synthetic, polyalphaolefin-based refrigeration oils are described as not miscible with CO2.
KC -Refrigeration oils for partly and fully-halogenated fluorinated and chlorinated hydrocarbons (CFC, HCFC) – as a rule, mineral oils and alkyl benzene
(in some cases ester oils also possible). Mostly, highly-refined, naphthenic mineral oils and specially-treated alkyl benzene (alkylates) are used. The water content of fresh KC oils should be < 30 ppm. If the water content is higher, there is a danger of undesirable reactions with the refrigerantwhich can lead to the decomposition of the oil-refrigerant mixture.
KD -Refrigeration oils for partly and fully-fluorinated hydrocarbons (HFC, FC) – as a rule, polyol esters (POE) or polyalkylene glycol (PAG). The refrigeration oils described in group KD are polar products with pronounced hygroscopic characteristics. For fresh polyol esters (POE), the water content should not exceed 100 ppm. Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) are often used in aircon systems. Their maximum fresh-oil water content should not exceed 350 ppm.
KE -Refrigeration oils for hydrocarbons (e.g. propane,isobutane) – as a rule, mineral oils or synthetic oils based on alkyl benzene, PAO, POE or PAG. According to the oil group, the maximum permissible fresh-oil water content should not exceed 30 ppm for mineral oils and alkyl benzene,50 ppm for PAO, 100 ppm for POE and 350 ppm for PAG.


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