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Spindle Oils

Spindle oils are a type of low-viscosity oils marketed for use in lubrication of high speed machine spindles. This is a pure naftenic mineral oil with a natural oxidation stability. This oil has a average viscosity index and contains no additives and has also a low percentage of aromatic hydrocarbons. Mainly spindle oils are used in Textile Processing and Textiles indusry. Varieties of spindles include grinding spindles, electric spindles, machine tool spindles, low-speed spindles, high speed spindles, and more.

Lubrita offers a comprehensive range of best class spindle oils support Your equimpent to achieve:
Longer spindle bearing life 
Better protection of spindle bearings
Optimum mashinery performance
Extended maintenance intervals
Increased productivity and efficiency 
Decreased maintenance costs
Provide effective lubrication

Lubrita spindle lubricants are also suitable for general lubrication, especially suitable as lubricant in circulation systems, some hydraulic systems, where an un-doped oil is asked or prescribed. In machine tools, a spindle is a rotating axis of the machine, which often has a shaft at its heart. The shaft itself is called a spindle, but also, in shop-floor practice, the word often is used metonymically to refer to the entire rotary unit, including not only the shaft it self, but its bearings and anything attached to it.

Spindle Oils SAE / ISO VG TDS
Lubrita Spindle Oil 5 ISO VG5 Spindle Oil Pdf
Lubrita Spindle Oil 10 ISO VG10 Spindle Oil Pdf
Lubrita Spindle Oil 15 ISO VG15 Spindle Oil Pdf
Lubrita Spindle Oil 22 ISO VG22 Spindle Oil Pdf
Lubrita Spindle Oil 32 ISO VG32 Spindle Oil Pdf